Garfield Commons Apartment Homes

Phoenix, Arizona
Total Project Cost: 
$8.6 million
100,000 SF
A&P Role: 
The Garfield Commons Apartment Homes is a tax-credit historic preservation/adaptive reuse affordable housing project. Originally built in 1960 as a nursing home (Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged), it is now affordable housing with half of the units dedicated to U.S. Veterans. The building needed to be completely renewed and modernized, including using the latest energy efficiency techniques and building systems. Additionally, the building is on both the National and State Historic Registers, so careful attention to historic renovation guidelines was imperative. What was once a dilapidated building is now a rejuvenated property contributing to the betterment of Phoenix.
In addition to the historic renovation benefits, the most impactful benefit is economic development. The Garfield Sacred Heart Housing project consists of 100 affordable housing units. After construction began, DESCO dedicated half of the units to U.S. veterans in the local community. The development team worked closely with the State of Arizona’s Department of Housing and Department of Veteran’s Services to ensure a positive and safe housing atmosphere. The veteran units will serve younger (ages 25-55), and both male and female veterans, targeting to improve their quality of life. The remainder of the units will serve local populations with special needs to provide safe, quality housing.