City of Rogers
City of Mankato
Minneapolis Public Schools
Mounds Park Academy
City of Waconia
City of Woodbury

Minnesota Municipalities Solar Array Projects

Twin Cities Metro, Minnesota
340 kW
A&P Role: 
Engineering, Procurement and Construction

This project uniquely disperses the manpower and resources required to design, construct and operate several different municipal systems under a single delivery timeline, streamlining the overall costs. Each of six different small 40kW arrays was integrated into a single scope by working with the various municipalities to leverage a common Minnesota Made rebate. The rebate allows area solar clients to receive significant financial incentives for using Minnesota Made PV products. Each configuration was tailored to the City’s needs, with installations mounted on a combination of public schools and public safety buildings throughout the Minneapolis area. By contracting independently but simultaneously, the clients were able to achieve an economy of scale typical of a large enterprise without overextending fiscal resources by acquiring systems that would be more on par with a smaller application.  Municipalities involved in the project include Minneapolis Public Schools, the City of Waconia, the City of Woodbury, the City of Mankato, the City of Rogers, and Mounds Park Academy.