Novus Bio-Catalytic System Prototype

St. Paul, Minnesota
Total Project Cost: 
50'-7' Mobile Shipping Containter
A&P Role: 
EPC Partner

The Novus Bio-Catalytic System Prototype is a first of its kind, mobile waste-to-energy conversion system. The advanced generation anaerobic digestion system has successfully operated in several locations, including St. Paul, MN, eastern Oregon and central Arkansas using local food and agriculture waste from the respective surrounding areas. The trailer mounted unit is fully automated and capable of receiving 250 gallons of feed per day. The process includes feedstock processing, hydrolysis, digestion, solids separation, liquid fertilizer separation and biogas metering. This is a true “plug and play” unit designed for efficient, economical and complete testing of feedstocks for energy and fertilizer production at the client’s project location.