Patient Room
Operating Room

Yampa Valley Medical Center Expansion

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Total Project Cost: 
$10.3 million
37,000 SF
A&P Role: 

This award-winning project involved the construction of two additions and the renovation of the existing obstetrics department and operating rooms, surgery prep and recovery area, labs and offices.  Work involving considerable noise and vibration was performed within inches of active operating rooms and the obstetrics department. To minimize the effect on patients, the AP team coordinated work around the hospital schedule and communicated constantly with hospital staff about emergency situations.  Key infection control methods included ante rooms, which create a transition area between construction and the hospital, and negative air machines, which keep the construction area at a lower pressure to ensure contaminants don’t escape. During renovation of the sterile operating rooms the team used a series of five walls, which were put up and taken down multiple times throughout the renovation. 

Awards: Silver Hard Hat Award, Outstanding Healthcare Project, Mountain States Construction 
"As we approach completion of the Yampa Valley Medical Center OB/OR expansion project, I would like to thank Adolfson & Peterson for their job well done. This was a project with a very high level of difficulty with regard to phasing and integration of an existing facility."–Wendi J. Ekborg, Associate, Davis Partnership Architects