Coronado High School Modernization

Scottsdale, Arizona
Total Project Cost: 
$48.5 million
307,850 SF
A&P Role: 

Originally built in 1961, this high school was entirely rebuilt and modernized in a two-phase project that took place over two school years and added more than 56,000 square feet to the original campus. The project was completed on an active campus with minimal student impact. The first phase included the demolition of tennis courts and ball fields, and the construction of a new 155,400-square-foot multi-story structural steel administration and classroom building, a new central plant, and the remodel of the auxiliary gymnasium. In the second phase the remaining portions of the old campus were demolished, and 147,000 square feet of work was completed, including additions to the gymnasium, a new cafeteria, new 827-seat performing arts center, and new athletic facilities.

“AP Construction did a remarkable job of starting the Coronado High School project and has never looked back. The project required building all of the academic buildings for a comprehensive high school in less than one year. AP took the challenge and did an excellent job.” – David Peterson, Assistant Superintendent, Scottsdale Unified School District