Desert Edge High School Phase II

Goodyear, Arizona
Total Project Cost: 
$9.6 million
100,000 SF
A&P Role: 

The innovative sustainable design and construction techniques used in this school foster a healthy learning environment and create a living learning tool for future generations. Desert Edge was the first high school in Arizona to achieve LEED® Silver certification, and only the fourth in the nation to be LEED® certified. The project included an 85,000-square-foot addition to the existing high school and a 15,000-square-foot, free-standing fine arts auditorium. Because the addition was built while the facility was occupied, the project required detailed scheduling and a close partnership with the school to eliminate all disruptions during construction. Sustainable elements include comprehensive waste management programs, energy-efficient lighting, waterless urinals and "green" cleaning.

LEED Certification: LEED Silver
Awards: Best of the Best Award Winner—Green Building, Southwest Contractor; Crescordia Award Winner, Valley Forward