Lookout Mountain Elementary School

Phoenix, Arizona
Total Project Cost: 
$13.5 million
85,000 SF
A&P Role: 
The project included the rebuild of the existing Lookout Elementary School to be replaced with a new energy efficient campus incorporating many sustainable features. The new school represents nearly 6% more interior space and has more multipurpose areas than its predecessor. The project includes administrative offices, school nurse facilities, classrooms, school library, media center, vocal room, art and storage rooms, and a computer lab. The multi-purpose cafeteria area serves not only as the lunch room, but it also opens up onto a stage that will be used for music, drama or other presentations.
The team included input from the community early on in the project to truly determine the needs for the new school. Parking was added to accommodate community parking for events. AP also evaluated the current traffic situation and determined to reroute about eight busses to drop the children off on campus versus on the street, further improving safety of the students.
The three new structures were situated to minimize heat gain and maximize energy efficiency while optimizing the view of Lookout Mountain to the east. Other sustainable features include a water-efficient landscaped courtyard, multi-layered insulation, and high-performance window glass as well as a new geothermal system, the largest one in Arizona to date. The system saved the campus about 37% on cooling and heating costs on average.
Award: 2014 RED Award, Most Sustainable Project in Arizona, AZRE