iFLY Seattle

Tukwila, Washington
6,500 SF
A&P Role: 

This vertical wind tunnel project, the fifth U.S. location for iFly, simulates sky diving in an indoor vertical wind tunnel. The structure, 70 feet tall, was built in an existing retail shopping center by AP. The project occupies three above-ground floors and an underground plenum space. The floor plan also includes retail, office and gathering space. Site improvements include the addition of electrical service, which was required for the four enormous electric fans that recirculate wind to allow participants to sky dive in a wind tunnel 14 feet in diameter.

"It is with great pleasure that I offer this recommendation regarding the highest quality construction services and capabilities offered by AP Construction. Throughout the iFLY project, the team displayed exceptional leadership, communication and trust throughout each phase. Due to the uncommon nature of this project great efforts in pre-planning by the team ensured 'just in time' delivery of materials," -William P. Adams, Owner, iFLY Seattle