Aurora Central Recreation Center

It had been 40 years since Aurora built a new recreational facility. Even though the City is the third most populous in Colorado, there was a struggle to raise enough funds for the much-needed new recreation center. Although the City was able to purchase 22 acres for the development in 2008, it sat dormant for nearly a decade with two failed bonds. The controversial Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana for recreational use changed the economic dynamics of Colorado, and in 2014, commercial sale of marijuana was allowed and resulted in a new revenue stream for many of the state’s municipalities. In less than a year, Aurora was able to fund the new $30M recreation center entirely with marijuana tax revenue.

City of Aurora

Aquatics & Recreation, Municipal


Aurora, CO

60,000 sf

Aurora Central Recreation Center Entryway

The City dedicated almost half a million dollars to custom art, integrated into the building itself, requiring strategic construction planning for proper integration. The facility supports new program opportunities with an escape room, a fitness grandstand, an outdoor fitness balcony and a teaching kitchen.

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