AP has been recognized by OSHA as one of the safest companies in the construction industry. The success of our safety commitment is reflected in our record of working more than 4.4 million consecutive work hours without a lost time accident.

Our proactive "zero injury" safety culture is based on the philosophy that job-related accidents and injuries are preventable. Our comprehensive safety program teaches employees to take action to protect themselves and others, correct potentially unsafe behaviors, and adopt a mindset of proactively choosing to follow safety rules. The program includes a full range of ongoing initiatives, including training for new employees, job site-specific safety programs, weekly toolbox meetings, and regular safety audits. In addition, all job site personnel are empowered—and required—to proactively address any potential hazards.

Thanks to AP's focus on safety, our lower insurance rates translate into lower project costs for you. And perhaps just as important, you have the peace of mind knowing that safety is our most important task on your job site.

AP's EMR History:

  • 2014 - .67
  • 2013 - .69
  • 2012 - .66
  • 2011 - .57
  • 2010 - .53
  • 2009 - .53
  • 2008 - .57
  • 2007 - .50
  • 2006 - .52