AP Employees Help Victory Collegiate Students "Clean" House at STEM Competition

Victory Collegiate STEM Volunteering

Tempe, AZ (May 8, 2019) – When the students of Victory Collegiate Academy (VCA) contacted AP to help with a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) project they were working on to clean up the community, it was a resounding yes! The K-7, charter client had been given seed money through a STEM Impact Grant in the fall to perfect the STEM students’ idea of providing a free, mobile laundry service to the community, over 30% of whom don’t have access to running water.

AP’s role extended over two weekends, offering students guidance and tools to physically build their Washing Wonder – a washer and dryer snugly nestled in a mobile trailer, ready to bring the laundromat to those who need it.

The final competition, Grand Canyon University’s STEM Impact Grant Challenge, took place last night with Victory Collegiate Academy’s team taking home the grand prize and an additional $2,000 to bring their total grant amount to $11,000. Way to go, VCA!

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