AP Family - Kimmer Throws The First Pitch

At Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP), family comes first. But with a close-knit family culture, coworkers quickly become friends and friends become family. That’s why when Kim Glieden, recent retiree after 41 years at AP, was being honored to throw the first pitch at the Minnesota Twins Game on July 17, 2019, hundreds of family and friends eagerly gathered to cheer Glieden on.

Glieden, 61, a husband and father to three children – Cory, Carly and Garett – continues to show determination and strength. Despite the odds, the number 17 continues to pop up. Diagnosed with cancer first in 1983, then again 17 years later in 2001 and his latest in 2018. Still determined to not give up without a fight, Glieden voiced, “these people tell me I have six months left to live. Well, it’s not up to them. It’s up to the guy in the sky up here. I know people that have lived five, seven, eight years, so this number 17, there’s something up with it. I’m shooting for another 17 years.”

When Glieden was approached by the Minnesota Twins to throw the starting pitch on July 17, he knew it was meant to be. Overwhelmed by love and support, Glieden was surrounded by his closest family and friends. Those that came to celebrate “Kim Glieden Day” at Target Field wore gray shirts that read “KG Strong” on the front and Glieden’s nickname “Kimmer” and the number 17 on the back.  The money raised from t-shirt sales is being donated to a charity of Glieden’s choice.

Glieden is a second-generation AP employee. Kim’s father was a masonry superintendent for many years and his son Garett, worked as an intern at AP in 2017. Despite being retired, Glieden will always be a part of the AP family. Family runs deep here at AP. Glieden, your AP family is cheering for you – here’s to another 17 more years!


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