AP and Wells Concrete Welcome Mankato State University

Mankato State University Field Tour Fall 2019

Glencoe, MN (October 25, 2019) For the past four years,Wells Concrete has partnered with Mankato State University (MSU) to organize a field tour for students in the Civil Engineering program. This full-day event gave nine students the opportunity to visit a variety of jobsites and experience an active construction site firsthand.

Since Wells Concrete is Adolfson & Peterson (AP) Construction’s partner for precast concrete panel manufacturing and installation, the McLeod Cooperative Power project had the opportunity to host a stop on during the event on October 25, 2019.

“It is a privilege to have business partners that maintain solid relationships with higher education institutions, and work to build a bond for those transitioning out into the real world of construction. Having the ability for Wells to bring MSU’s Civil Engineering program out to our site, allowed for the students to have a better understanding of the structural engineering involved with the precast manufacturing and installation,” said Bill Pelzek, AP Project Manager.

As part of the Wells/Mankato State University field tour, students and their professors were at the McLeod Cooperative Power jobsite for an hour. During this time, students were able to observe the installation sequencing involved, from removal of a precast panel from a trailer, to the final placement and setting of those same pieces.

AP was proud to partner with Wells Concrete and Mankato State University as we continue to build relationships and awareness within the construction industry.

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