AP Conducts a Beam Signing for Northfield High School

Denver, CO (September 23, 2019) – On September 20th, with students and staff looking on, AP topped out the Northfield High School Expansion project with a signed beam.

The current project construction phase is estimated at $65.7 million, which will add 1) a two story 46-classroom building, 2) a music/drama addition, 3) 2 new auxiliary gyms, 4) 4 new tennis courts, and 5) a new soccer field. The buildings are on Denver Public Schools property, while the fields are on Denver Parks and Recreation property. This project makes it among Denver Public Schools’ largest in its history.

“We’re so excited to see the ways this expansion will benefit Sandoval students,” said Senior Project Manager Zella Goettsch. “Every student deserves an environment where they can learn and thrive, and we’re honored to be a part of that.”

The building, designed by LOA Architecture, is expected to be completed in September 2020.

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