AP Offers Local Love to Hospitals and Restaurants

AP has partnered with 5G Studio architecture firm and several other local North Texas businesses to support the 7740Dallas campaign. To help COVID-19 healthcare teams while also supporting local restaurants, 7740Dallas was established to raise funds through 40 sponsorships from local North Texas businesses to provide meals to COVID-19 healthcare workers at seven local hospitals from seven local restaurants.

• 7 Hospitals supported by
• 7 Restaurants supported by
• 40 Donors

Each hospital will receive 50 meals every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from one of the seven restaurants. The 1,000 meals delivered weekly offers COVID-19 healthcare workers nourishment while also keeping local restaurant workers employed during a time when so many establishments are shutting down. With the pandemic causing healthcare teams to be isolated from the rest of the hospital and their families, providing a comforting meal each day fills a real need.

“AP felt compelled to support a campaign like this as it aligns directly with our own mission of giving back to our local communities,” said Corbett Nichter, EVP and COO of AP. “Healthcare teams are working tirelessly to treat COVID-19 patients and what better way to support those individuals while also keeping our local restaurants in business that might otherwise be shut down during this time.”

100% of all donations go directly to local restaurants and each restaurant is obligated to fulfill 50 meals per day for 56 days, April 6 through May 31.

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