AP Supports Children and Families in Need

AP Proudly Partners with The Sheridan Story

Minneapolis, MN (July 15, 2020) –  AP is proud to have partnered with The Sheridan Story to raise money and collect donations to fight against child hunger. With the help of 13 volunteers, AP was able to raise $945 which purchased two truckloads of groceries. Along with the groceries, over 1,000 items were donated. These items were collected at The Colonnade on July 1st and 15th. AP ensured that this was a contact-less drop off to abide by the COVID-19 regulations. These donations will help not only the children but community members through this challenging time.

The Sheridan Story is an organization whose focus is to fight child hunger, by working hard to ensure that children have food in their everyday lives outside of school. The organization started by providing a bag of food to kindergarteners over weekends and has been gradually growing since. They have been pushing through the current events and are still providing for children and families in need.

“AP is passionate about supporting local communities which is why our team wanted to collect donations for this organization,” said AP Midwest President, Mark Liska. “It is extremely important to make sure community members are supported and being cared for in this time.”


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