St. Peter Phase II Celebrates 500 Days

Safety is paramount to success at Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP). In October, AP achieved 500 days with no lost time accidents on the Minnesota Security Hospital Phase 2 project. To celebrate this remarkable milestone, AP hosted a BBQ safety lunch at the jobsite. This event recognized and thanked the dedicated field staff, numerous subcontractors and Minnesota Security Hospital personnel who have diligently worked on this complex project.

AP is recognized by OSHA as one of the safest companies in the construction industry. AP is committed to an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety culture. IIF is a culture of personal leadership where individual and collective responsibility creates an environment where incidents and injuries are unacceptable. AP’s commitment to safety is reflected by achieving this remarkable milestone. “This is a unique, intricate project – reaching 500 days with no lost time accidents is a significant accomplishment, something everyone involved should be proud of achieving,” reflected Bob William, AP Regional Safety Director

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