Raytheon Corporate Campus at Cityline

Raytheon’s new state-of-the-art office complex in the CityLine development includes two 3-story buildings at approximately 146,000 square feet each, one 4-story building at approximately 193,000 square feet, and one single-story building at approximately 4,000 square feet. Serving as Raytheon’s new regional headquarters, this office campus includes a full-service cafeteria, an on-site exercise facility, multiple floors of open office work space and an extensive data center. The project included redundant power through a Flywheel UPS system. In the event of a disruption in power, the mission-critical systems are powered by the flywheel UPS system to prevent devastating data losses. The industry standard is a battery UPS, which requires a large bank of batteries that must be housed in a huge space, kept cool, and ventilated. Raytheon instead chose a UPS powered by a mechanical flywheel. A flywheel UPS is dramatically smaller and much lighter than a battery UPS, so the decision to use a flywheel, made early in the design process, had implications for the size of the facility, the floor loading and the HVAC. The complexity of this project was immense and included 133 tilt-wall panels, 27,158 yards of concrete, 698.3 tons of rebar and nearly 500 miles of cable.


Mission Critical


Richardson, TX

495,000 sf

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