Environmental Stewardship

In addition to using sustainable building practices as a leader in green construction, Adolfson & Peterson Construction has committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our business and office operations, and we have woven environmentally responsible practices into our company's culture. Our internal efforts toward sustainability include:

  • Carbon footprint evaluations on our offices
  • Strategies to reduce carbon emissions in all offices
  • Company-wide recycling programs
  • Water reduction methods, including:
    • High-efficiency plumbing fixtures
    • Dual-flush toilets
    • Metering faucets
  • Energy reduction measures such as:
    • Occupancy sensors
    • Daylight harvesting & use of natural lighting throughout the offices
    • Dimmable ballasts
  • Fleet of hybrid vehicles driven by staff 
  • Mass transportation shuttling at jobsites

As a company involved in green construction management, Adolfson & Peterson Construction is continually striving to achieve excellence in sustainability. To learn more about our sustainable construction projects, visit our sustainable building page.