Tolleson Fire Station & Administration Building

Tolleson, Arizona
Total Project Cost: 
$5.1 million
19,000 SF
A&P Role: 

The innovative two-story fire station and fire administration building incorporates elements of the city’s history while supporting the latest innovations in sustainable building. Designed to accommodate future growth, the station consists of administrative offices, media room, multi-use kitchen, individual sleeping quarters for the chief and firefighters, weight room, lockers and controlled-access parking area. In addition, a conference room is available for public use. The multipurpose design offers several training opportunities for the firefighters. The LEED Gold station features numerous sustainable elements, including solar water, 15kW photovoltaics, cotton batt insulation, daylight harvesting and a unique "living" wall featuring plants. The sustainable elements reduce energy costs and ensure a minimum building life span of 50 years.

 LEED Certification: LEED Gold