Incident and Injury Free Workplace

No incident or injury is acceptable, ever. AP embraces an Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety culture. IIF is a culture of personal leadership where individual and collective responsibility creates an environment where incidents and injuries are unacceptable. We accomplish this by creating a culture where our employees and those of our subcontractors have a high level of care and concern for their fellow workers. To work for AP, all employees must commit to a personal responsibility for keeping our workplace incident and injury free.

IIF Team Charter

We empower a culture of learning and discovery, motivating all to take action to champion safe work practices. Our commitment is to mentor, influence and inspire not only all AP team members, but all with whom we interact. Our journey is to influence not only AP’s culture but the industry as a whole. We build leaders who embrace a culture of care and concern for others focused on creating and sustaining a safe way of life.

IIF Team Covenant

•    Fully respect each other’s opinions
•    Maintain professionalism and integrity in disagreements
•    Be open, honest, transparent, vulnerable
•    Everyone has a voice
•    Commit to engage