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On this “Day of Love,” we asked some AP team members which projects they loved the most. AP is blessed to work on great projects across Texas that impact the communities where we live, but some projects just leave a lasting impression on a personal level. These opportunities are why we love what we do at AP!

Christina Paraliticci, Assistant Project Manager, AP Tenure – 7 years

“Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) is my favorite project because it was filled with new experiences and challenges. I worked on things like nail walls, a CT room with lead-lined walls, kidney pump rooms with a clean-air system, exterior fountain, and an ambulance garage. Another major obstacle was the COVID pandemic shutdown taking place near the end of the project. Through these challenges, I was able to adapt and work more efficiently, learn better scheduling practices, became more knowledgeable in new fields, and learn how to closeout a project. All lessons learned gave me invaluable experiences for future projects. When STA opened and the first transplant took place, I had a realization that something I built helps save lives.”

Marcus Hubbard, Project/Field Engineer, AP Tenure – 5 years

“My favorite project is TD Ameritrade’s Southlake Campus, as it was the first project I worked on as an intern with AP. I have since completed several renovation projects, but the first one is still special. My proudest moment with AP was the completion of the Dallas County Government Center. This project provided numerous learning opportunities ranging from a complete MEP renovation and multi-level office build-out to new courtrooms.”

Austin Conley, Sr. Superintendent, AP Tenure – 14 years

“I’m fortunate to have chosen an occupation where the result of my efforts can be seen. It’s also nice to know my efforts and contributions benefit the communities where we build, whether it’s a hospital, school, office or recreation center. With the continued education and training opportunities AP offers, it’s easy to pick up a thing or two to help you in your career development. I’ve been able to work on some of AP’s largest projects, including Raytheon Corporate Campus at CityLine, TD Ameritrade’s Southlake Campus, Baylor Scott & White Sports Medicine Building, and Methodist Southlake Hospital. It’s hard to pick just one, so I’ve listed just a few of my ‘favorite projects.’”

Brian Hale, Sr. Preconstruction Manager, AP Tenure – 8 years

“Since joining the AP team, I have consistently felt empowered, which has significantly boosted my professional development skills through contributions to first-class construction projects. I am constantly surrounded by competent team members and construction industry leaders, which only adds to my continued growth. One AP project I am proud to acknowledge is the Apache Regional Office and Amenity Building in Midland, Texas. It was a very successful project where I took away many lessons learned and valuable experiences.”

Corey King, Marketing Manager, AP Tenure – 2.5 years

“My favorite project with AP is not something we have physically built, but what we have been able to build through charitable efforts within our community. AP’s Charity Golf Tournament is on its seventh year, and each year we have more participation and sponsor involvement to support the tournament’s mission of providing financial assistance to support veterans and at-risk youth in our communities. The AP Charity Golf Classic raises more than $100,000 annually for local charities across North Texas.

In September, AP hosted our first company-wide “Day of Giving” program across all AP regions, offices, and communities. More than 700 team members volunteered over 3,000 hours and donated more than $75,000 to local community organizations throughout the month. Being part of a company that gives back to the community in which it works and builds is what I love about AP. #APCares is a culture across all our regions.”

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