AP Gives Back for the Holidays

Each year, we are blown away with how generous our employees are. This year, AP Midwest’s Volunteer Committee selected several causes to help for the holidays. Events included donating new/used clothes for domestic shelters, collecting new/used winter gear for the homeless, multiple events for The Link such as adopting a family in need, putting together street outreach kits for homeless teens and bringing in toys for their center, being featured on KARE 11 again for Toys for Tots and signing and delivering holiday cards for our long-term client, Presbyterian Homes seniors. Many of our efforts we were lucky enough to have a special guest appear, SANTA! Thanks to AP Foreman, Jim Ojala who graciously volunteered to play the part and committed to the role by growing out his beard since June. He not only showed up for our efforts, but he also played the role for the Minneapolis Fire Station No. 4 as he served dinner to the firefighters thanking them for their service. Thanks to the generosity of our employees there are many families who will be having a much brighter holiday season because of their caring efforts!

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