AP Supports the Seeds of Change

Two members of AP’s Volunteer Team, Johanna Bryan and Julia Akins, graciously volunteered their time to help make a difference in our community. They partnered with Seeds Feeds, an organization that initially originated to provide fresh produce to people in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and teach people how to plant their own gardens. However when COVID initially hit, Hennepin County reached out to the organization to see if they could help with the overwhelming demand for food from people all around the state.

In May, with the help of grant money, Seeds Feeds started to receive pantry staples, fruits and vegetables, etc. Initially they anticipated they would be helping roughly 40 families; however, the need was so great that the number quickly expanded to almost 100 families with over 200 St. Louis Park families still on the waiting list.

Around the holidays, Johanna and Julia were thankful to give back and volunteer a day to help pack food for people in need. “For me food is love, and to think about all those moms out there who can’t cook what they want to for their kids, ugh. It’s heartbreaking.” Johanna expressed. “We are happy to do our small part wherever we can.” Johanna, Julia and others are looking forward to continuing to give back by helping our community with this overwhelming need. This is just one example of how AP employees are fulfilling our mission, WE BUILD. Communities. Thank you, Johanna and Julia!

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