Employee Spotlights

Hendrik Prufer

Hendrik Prufer, Senior Superintendent, was initially drawn to a career with AP for the company’s potential growth and the feeling that it would be a place that actually cares about its employees. After 11 years with AP, Hendrik expressed that despite the long hours sometimes associated with the construction industry, he’s found that “everyone genuinely cares for one another” and that there’s flexibility for his family.

While being a newly minted superintendent when he joined AP, Hendrik had the opportunity early on to prove himself on a key project with Raytheon Technologies in the Gulf States region. Success on that project was soon followed by another opportunity to lead on a project. “I don’t think I would’ve gotten the opportunity in a lot of other places that AP has given me in such a short time. We also have very knowledgeable people working here that I call for advice or input and that help me make a better-informed decision about things.”

It turns out that the aforementioned Raytheon project is Hendrik’s favorite while at AP. Stating that it was a large project with a large team during a time when he was new in his role, Hendrick created lifelong memories on that project that cemented his desire to stay at AP long term. “There are moments that the team members still here talk and laugh about with new and old employees. Stories that you really couldn’t make up if you tried. It was a great time.”

As for advice for prospective AP candidates, Hendrik said “work hard and prove yourself and AP will give you the opportunity you want.”

Tom Dykhoff

Tom Dykhoff started at AP in 1972 when his father asked him if he was tired of working his factory job. Over Tom’s 50-year career, he has worn many different hats including: Apprentice carpenter, Carpenter, Carpenter foreman, assistant superintendent, superintendent, general superintendent, and senior superintendent. In 1993, he shifted to construction management while working on St. Louis Park Schools, but he quickly realized business development wasn’t his passion and he chose to go back into the field as AP continued to expand. Tom has also been heavily involved with Minnesota Concrete Council (MCC) and the Carpenter’s Joint Apprenticeship Training Center (JATC) as a Management Trustee, and he has built many industry connections through these associations.

Family ties run strong at AP, especially for the Dykhoff family. Tom’s father worked at AP for 25 years, even his brothers Jim and Randy and children Jason and Stacy have all worked at AP at some point of their lives. Over the years he has seen the generations of family ownership and he appreciates their continued dedication and commitment to maintain the company’s family values. When asked what he has enjoyed most about AP besides the people, he said “they have given me the responsibility to do a job and the freedom to do it how I see fit.” Tom has had the privilege of learning from so many mentors along the way. “Every superintendent I’ve crossed paths with has taught me something I still use today,” Tom stated. It comes down to the people for Tom, that’s what has kept him at AP for the last 50 years. He has had the pleasure of working with so many amazing people who have become family.

Sara Clark

Sara Clark is the Operations Process Manager in our Mountain States Region. Sara’s husband actually worked at AP first. She had the opportunity to meet Tony Cingoranelli, our Chief Estimator, who gave her her first shot in the industry where she started in estimating.

Sara expressed how AP has supported her during transitions from estimating to accounting to operations. “I am fortunate enough to have managers and colleagues who have recognized ways I can best serve the organization, and continue to help me grow.” Sara says she really enjoys her role and the opportunities it provides her to interact with people at all levels within our company.

When asked what advice she has for prospective AP candidates, Sara said, “Ask “why” – I think so often, the answer has been because we’ve always done it this way. I have seen so much change during my time here stemming from people asking the question why.”

As for her favorite part about working for AP? Sara believes AP does a wonderful job of trying to bring people together. “I love the redesign of the office space and how it encourages more connection and collaboration, along with the numerous events AP puts on throughout the year.” Sara also really appreciates how family oriented AP is. “I have personally been made to feel like family by so many people here.”

“I had the great honor of receiving the 2020 Lynn Peterson award which was a reminder of how grateful I am to serve so many wonderful people here at AP who make me feel valued every day.”

Alek McGlone

Alek McGlone is one of AP’s Project Engineers in Arizona. Alek is working on several industrial projects and is responsible for the daily organization and control of project elements to ensure that the projects move forward smoothly. During his job search right out of college, Alek went through several interviews with other companies but did not feel like he meshed well with their company culture. A family friend suggested he interview at AP and upon meeting the team he was blown away by AP’s culture. And the rest is history.

A key project for Alek thus far involved the decommissioning of a facility for one of AP’s industrial clients. “It was an awesome learning experience being thrust into a role of responsibility with plenty of oversight to address any questions I had. It was my first project with AP which allowed me to get a feel for AP’s procedures while receiving the support I needed.”

As for Alek’s favorite part about working for AP? He says that it’s the endless learning opportunities and encouragement to ask questions and learn. “Everyone takes the time to sit and teach me about their roles when I express the desire to learn about them.”

For the prospective AP candidates, Alek’s advice is “Be yourself and ask questions. Everyone at AP is open to helping in any way they can. Most people will be able to answer your questions or direct you to someone else who can. The culture at AP makes everyone feel like family and we all want each other to succeed.”