Employee Spotlights

Melissa Montiel

For Assistant Superintendent Melissa Montiel, AP has given her the opportunity to explore different positions within construction management. “It has helped me find my niche and become more well-rounded overall,” said Melissa. During her two years and 10 months on board with AP, Melissa says she has gained experience, and professional relationships, and expanded her knowledge outside of what she expected as an Assistant Superintendent.

What initially drew Melissa to a career at AP was how welcoming team members were at the Texas A&M University COSI Career Fair she attended. Seeing that AP had opened an office in San Antonio, she immediately applied and has since found AP to be “all about family and a very understanding and caring company.” Melissa states that her favorite part of working for AP is her team where she has gained great connections in San Antonio, and now Austin. She feels most proud of managing a renovation project on her own, including hitting the completion date at Charter Communication Blue Crest with help from Senior Project Manager, Addisu Negash.

When asked what advice she has for prospective AP candidates, Melissa said “be confident and go for the position you want or seek advice from the AP team on how you can reach your goal. They will help you.” Melissa hopes to become a Superintendent or Project Manager in the next 10 years with AP (or maybe both!) and would like to mentor someone to help them reach their goals as well.

Glenn Peterson

Glenn Peterson

Glenn Petersen is currently serving as a Safety Manager in AP’s Midwest region and brings with him a wealth of experience in the construction industry. Glenn’s journey began as a member of the Carpenter’s Union. Prior to joining the union, Glenn worked in safety for another firm, that’s where he met Jared Anderson, AP’s regional safety director. Their connection led to Jared extending an offer for Glenn to join AP’s safety department. 

When asked about what he enjoys most about working at AP, Glenn emphasized the sense of community and support he experiences within the company. He said, “First off, it’s the other employees and people at AP, it’s a big company with a small company/family feel. The amount of support that AP has given me, my family, and the people I work with is amazing.” Glenn also spoke highly of AP’s commitment to outreach and its dedication to caring for both employees and the surrounding communities. 

One thing Glenn finds truly fulfilling is the opportunity to engage with different people on job sites. “One of the things I love most about my job is being able to go out to job sites, interact with people, and get to know those who are working in the field. I also really enjoy seeing the progress of various projects from start to finish.” 

Glenn highlighted the significance of embracing the AP IIF (Incident and Injury-Free) culture and maintaining a commitment to continuous learning when sharing advice for potential AP employees. In his perspective, building personal relationships and nurturing a strong dedication to safety are key aspects. He said, “In our safety classes, we really focus on getting to know each other and developing personal connections. It’s about building relationships and understanding the serious nature of safety as a company. This is something that sets AP apart from other companies in the industry.” 


Sara Clark

Sara Clark is the Operations Process Manager in our Mountain States Region. Sara’s husband actually worked at AP first. She had the opportunity to meet Tony Cingoranelli, our Chief Estimator, who gave her her first shot in the industry where she started in estimating.

Sara expressed how AP has supported her during transitions from estimating to accounting to operations. “I am fortunate enough to have managers and colleagues who have recognized ways I can best serve the organization, and continue to help me grow.” Sara says she really enjoys her role and the opportunities it provides her to interact with people at all levels within our company.

When asked what advice she has for prospective AP candidates, Sara said, “Ask “why” – I think so often, the answer has been because we’ve always done it this way. I have seen so much change during my time here stemming from people asking the question why.”

As for her favorite part about working for AP? Sara believes AP does a wonderful job of trying to bring people together. “I love the redesign of the office space and how it encourages more connection and collaboration, along with the numerous events AP puts on throughout the year.” Sara also really appreciates how family oriented AP is. “I have personally been made to feel like family by so many people here.”

“I had the great honor of receiving the 2020 Lynn Peterson award which was a reminder of how grateful I am to serve so many wonderful people here at AP who make me feel valued every day.”

Ami Brede

Ami Brede is an assistant project manager in AP’s Southwest region as part of the special projects division. She collaborates with the superintendent and project manager to coordinate safety, budgets, contracts, schedules, and coordinates trade contractors and suppliers. Ami was introduced to AP by industry peers. “Previous coworkers of mine who now work for AP told me how great it is and how well they are treated working here.”

Ami believes AP has helped her career development that has advanced her to the next level. “If AP doesn’t have a specific training for what I have needed, someone has personally helped me through it. AP leadership has also empowered me to make decisions on the jobs I oversee which has taught me many lessons, including how to manage making mistakes.”

As for her favorite part about working at AP? That’s an easy one, it’s the company culture. “I love that everyone here is willing to help in any way they can and has each other’s backs. We truly are one big family. The office snacks are a close second.” Ami offers the following advice to prospective AP candidates, “If you want to learn and learn the right way, join AP.”