Employee Spotlights

Allie Zeman

Allie Zeman

The Sky is the Limit

For the last six years, Allie has specialized in construction marketing. Starting at AP in 2016 as a Marketing Coordinator, she is now currently a Marketing Manager and simultaneously wears several hats. Some of her primary responsibilities have included: coordinating and leading project opportunity pursuits from initial RFQ through interviews; organizing internal and external events; composing public relations, award submittals and communications to generate competitive positioning; developing and managing content and engagement on all three of AP’s social media platforms; brainstorming and developing video productions to display company expertise; and overseeing the strategy development, opportunity pursuit and client interaction on three of the region’s targeted markets. With a passion for developing new business and relationships, Allie’s role is now segueing into more business development and market strategy at AP. Allie’s focus is being directed to help expand AP’s services to northern Minnesota where she has been instrumental in opening the Duluth office. Her new direction will allow her to couple her special brand of enthusiasm with AP’s market leadership to expand and grow the healthcare, industrial and public K-12 markets.

The sky is the limit, that is the thing Allie enjoys most about AP. Even though she has a passion for all things marketing, especially attention to detail, she is also skilled at relationship building and enjoys being actively involved in multiple organizations furthering the company’s brand presence. Therefore, AP’s leadership has embraced her strengths by supporting her to create her own role. There is no one size fits all here and with that motto the opportunities are endless, adapting to our employees’ strengths is what makes AP so strong and stand out among our competition. The longevity of our employees is a good reflection of this too. She is excited for the new fun challenges ahead and looks forward to continuing to grow in her career at AP.

David Jett

David Jett

Building from a Strong Foundation

David Jett’s path to AP was precluded by an eight-and-a-half-year career in the Army. He spent two enlistments as an Information Systems Analyst for over two years and was re-classed into Explosive Ordnance Disposal for the remainder of his military career. His last deployment was in 2012 and 2013 to the Middle East as a Team Leader rotating through several different countries for a variety of missions. He subsequently worked with the Missile and Space Intelligence Center as an Explosive Materials Handler for a government contracting company called SAIC.

David and his wife decided they wanted to start a family, so consequently a career change was necessary. David has always been intrigued with the construction industry, finding it to be most like-minded with the military community. He found an excellent Construction Management program at The University of Louisiana Monroe and enrolled in the spring of 2016. David powered through in three years and graduated in the fall of 2018. Throughout his transition from military life to civilian life, David and his wife also welcomed two amazing little boys.

David is excited to now be a part of the AP family, and looks forward to growing with the organization. His goal is to become a better leader and help impact the most positive change he can for AP. His first assignment was on a signature project for AP – Arlington ISD’s Fine Arts and Athletics Complex – which made him proud to be working alongside a great group of individuals.

Wes Berry

Wes Berry

Impacting Communities

Wes started as a MEP Estimating Intern during his senior year in college. He completed his internship that summer and switched to the field operations side of the company in a full-time position.

Five years later, Wes is an Assistant Superintendent. Largely focused on the field management portion of his projects, Wes helps ensure that the project team meets its goals.

“My favorite part of my job is the sense of pride and satisfaction I get after completing a project,” says Wes.

One such project was the University of Northern Colorado Campus Commons. Wes became an expert on constructing the state-of-the-art theater in the Commons. The theater consisted of complicated components such as an elaborate weighted pulley system to raise and lower backdrops, equipment, scenery, lighting and even people; and reflectors that allow for sound to be reverberated in different directions when the orchestra plays.

“It’s amazing to look back at something you have been a part of with such a feeling of accomplishment,” says Wes. “I also think it’s incredible that our work impacts so many people and communities in the end, and that they are able to use these spaces for years after the job is finished.”

Wes also cites the working relationships he has obtained as a draw to the job. Encountering new people as trades move onto the project or meeting new owners and consultants as a job starts, he gets to build camaraderie with new coworkers regularly.

In the future, Wes looks to become a Superintendent, running his own projects and continuing to complete facilities that clients enjoy. He says AP has given him the opportunities to accomplish this and further advance his industry knowledge, both through trainings and new onsite tasks.

“I feel that AP has provided me with every opportunity to succeed in my career,” said Wes. “I have been able to work with many bright-minded individuals and have learned immensely since my first day with the company.”

His advice for anyone pursuing a career at AP is to understand the company’s culture and core values, as these are paramount to success.