Employee Spotlights

David Widemon

David Widemon, Senior Superintendent, is a dedicated professional whose journey with AP began through the recommendations of his former colleagues. Drawn by AP’s promising growth and forward-thinking approach, David was eager to explore opportunities within the company. Since joining AP, David has immersed himself in a culture that values trust, empowerment, and familial bonds, cementing his commitment to the company’s ethos.

At AP, David has flourished both professionally and personally. Through his tenure, David has gained invaluable insights into emotional awareness and patience, shaping him into a more empathetic and effective leader. He values the sense of family ingrained in AP’s culture and appreciates the opportunities to contribute to continual improvement as the industry evolves. Advice for prospective AP candidates includes “Do the right thing and think before acting or speaking.”

Looking ahead, David’s aspirations within AP extend beyond personal growth. He envisions himself as a leader in a role similar to Terry Loreth’s previous responsibilities (VP of Operations), facilitating positive and successful projects while nurturing emotional intelligence within teams.

David’s proudest moments include building meaningful relationships with healthcare partners Tenant Health / USPI and delivering standout projects like UTPB Engineering, where challenges were met with camaraderie and a shared commitment to excellence. As he continues to lead by example and mentor others, David remains dedicated to shaping a bright future for AP and mentoring future AP leaders.

Steph Loegering

Steph joined the AP Midwest team in 2022, from her first interaction with the team she knew it was a place she wanted to stay. “From my first interaction with the recruiter to each interview I had with the team I felt welcomed, which was very refreshing,” Steph said. The culture and camaraderie drew her in, but the relationships she has built are a reason AP feels like home.

Steph’s role was rather new to AP when she started. One of her main goals was, and is, to change the perception of HR. “There is a huge misconception that HR only shows up when something is wrong, but really I am here to foster an environment of learning and growth for our team members,” Steph explained. She says that the best part of her job is that she gets to collaborate with so many departments. Collaborating, coaching, and helping these departments look ahead at the big picture is what drives her.

In her time at AP, Steph has made a huge impact on many departments and team members. When asked what is next for her, she says she wants to continue supporting our teams and bring HR to the top of minds when issues arise, regardless of their nature.

John Herrera

John Herrera’s career with AP began in the Summer of 1992, setting the stage for a journey of growth and leadership within the construction industry. John began as a laborer without any prior experience in construction. A connection within the company paved the way for his progress.

It was a conversation with Dick Weicht, who recognized John’s potential and offered him the opportunity to join the carpenter apprentice program. This decision marked the beginning of a transformational journey for John, who found his passion for construction and leadership.

As he progressed through various roles, including project engineer, superintendent, and senior superintendent, John’s career trajectory was shaped by a blend of hands-on experience and learning the intricacies of construction documentation processes. A life-altering event helped him transition into an office role, this helped create and motivate John to create a well-rounded understanding of construction and eventually ascended to higher leadership roles.

John was recently named Regional President – Mountain States. Reflecting on his career journey, John finds immense satisfaction in the challenges and opportunities that come with his role at AP. Beyond the tangible aspects of building structures, he discovered a profound joy in building teams and nurturing individuals where his impact transcends physical structures to empowering others to excel.

Among his proudest achievements are initiatives focused on workforce development, emphasizing opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive in the construction industry. John’s dedication to mentoring and nurturing talent underscores his commitment to paying forward the opportunities he received.

In embodying AP’s ethos of teamwork and care, John continues to leave an indelible mark on the industry and the lives he touches.

Caleb Frost

Caleb Frost is a project manager in our Southwest region. He started his career journey at AP in 2021, bringing his extensive healthcare tenant improvement background to our new-build construction projects. What initially drew Caleb to AP was the company’s solid reputation in healthcare construction. After his first field assignment, he knew AP was a company where he could contribute his talents and grow his career.

Among the many projects Caleb has worked on at AP, one stands out as his favorite: Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria (RRH Peoria). This project presented a unique blend of challenges and rewards, offering him an incredibly enriching experience.

For those considering a career with AP, Caleb imparts the following advice: “The construction industry is demanding, but at AP, the support for personal growth is unparalleled. Never underestimate the significance of being part of a company that is genuinely invested in your professional development.”

As he looks ahead, Caleb envisions AP’s Southwest region continuing to excel as a market leader. Beyond mere financial success, the company will maintain its commitment to fostering a robust corporate culture, ensuring its enduring strength and vitality.