Employee Spotlights

Jason Jones

Jason Jones began his career with AP in 2008- fresh out of college and eager to join the workforce. Joining the team as an intern, Jason capitalized on AP’s growth potential and quickly moved up the ranks. Although he enjoys working in preconstruction, the previous positions he has held will always hold a special place in his heart.

Along with job experience and career stability, Jason also values the friendships he has formed during his time at AP.  He easily cites the people and culture of AP as two of the things that he most enjoys about his job.

With over 10 years on the AP team, Jason has no shortage of projects under his belt. Some of the most memorable projects he has worked on include the LISD West Side Aquatics and the REC of Grapevine. Both of these projects presented “unique, challenging opportunities that don’t come around every day, like learning pool systems, and how to excavate swimming pools from within a completed structure,” Jason says.

10 years flew by for Jason, who hopes that the next 10 years will go by a bit slower. His advice for people looking to work for AP is simple- “Don’t hesitate to join the team.”

Roxanne Zdon

Roxanne Zdon

Roxanne has been the Senior Preconstruction Coordinator with AP for little over a year and held a similar position within the industry for the past four years. When an opportunity arose in commercial construction, she jumped at the chance to get involved.

Roxanne’s favorite thing about working at AP is the company’s rich history and strong culture of family. She appreciates how easy it was to become part of the AP family, “everyone has been so kind and helpful, they welcomed me with open arms.”

When asked what advice she would give a new team member she said, “to succeed in this business, you must be flexible, organized, stay diligent and be proactive whenever possible.” Roxanne says that each project is different and comes with its own challenges, but she finds them all rewarding in the end.

As Roxanne looks into the future, she is excited to see the number of women joining the industry. She is actively involved in many industry organizations and enjoys and appreciates how the construction industry is evolving. “It is fun to see more women are getting involved in different aspects of construction, not just the office. Construction is no longer just for men, women and men now work side by side, it’s exciting.”

James Gable

As General Superintendent, James is responsible for the field activities of the Tactical Solutions Team (TST). He also works closely with the preconstruction team, developing estimates and proposals.

“My favorite part of my job involves the people,” says James. “I love working with our younger team members and helping them develop their careers. I love to problem solve and each project creates a new set of opportunities to come up with solutions.”

AP’s TST has grown significantly over the past few years, tackling many quick-hitting projects that build deep connections with AP’s client base.

“Working with TST has allowed me to tap into my creativity,” says James. “I work with a group of leaders who are not afraid to do things different. This is what has allowed the small projects division to grow and that is what gets me up every day.”

Looking towards the future, James plans to continue his career developing AP’s field teams. His passion project is working with AP’s TED Group (Talent Engagement and Development). The group’s mission is to attract, retain, develop and empower the next generation of industry disrupters. “I love being a part of this over-achieving and hardworking team that sets and accomplishes goals that influence all of AP,” says James.

James considers finding AP one of the best career choices he has ever made. “All the power of a national company wrapped up in a family atmosphere leaves lots of opportunities for professional growth and development.”

Cristian Gutierrez

Cristian Gutierrez is a project manager in our Southwest region. He works closely with the project’s superintendent to lead the construction team and maintain regular communication with the owner and design team. He was first drawn to AP during the interview process after hearing the region’s long-term plan for growth and how he would be able to play an integral role.

While working at AP, Cristian has been involved in several different projects with one of our many repeat clients. His favorite project has been AZ0Y Amplify Day 2. “The project presented many obstacles but with the great team that we have on this project, we have been able to overcome all challenges that have been presented.”

Cristian’s favorite part about working at AP is the company culture and the opportunity to work alongside great team members. “Whether it is our team in the field or the office, my favorite part about AP is the people who work here. Everyone is so friendly and willing to teach which has helped me tremendously when I transitioned to AP.”

When asked what advice he has for prospective AP candidates he said, “My advice is to not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone in AP has a different construction background and unique skillsets. Utilizing the resources around me has helped me grow into my role unparallel.”