Employee Spotlights

Denny Pehrson

Man in white construction hat, glasses, and green vest

History with AP

In 1965, Denny was hired by George Adolfson, a founder of AP, as a Brick Foreman. Denny’s first project with AP was a school in Fairmont, MN, but he was tenacious in pursuing to become more than just a Bricklayer. Finally proving his trust and worth to George Adolfson, Denny took his first Superintendent position on a National Guard Armory project in Minnesota. He brings the wisdom and knowledge from his early career, along with the core values and foundations of our company to every new employee.

Denny moved out to Colorado from the Minnesota office to assist in starting our new office in 1981. He has committed himself to ensuring this office and company prospers, despite economic challenges and structure changes due to time. With his support, the new office grew very quickly. His 37 years here in our regional office have provided our organization with unsurmountable strength from his loyalty and leadership.

Depth of Impact

As a founder of AP’s Colorado office decades ago, Denny Pehrson has done more for this region than any other person, helping shape the careers of each of today’s leadership team and still bringing his unending devotion to each of the jobsites he still visits today.

Finding someone who has not only devoted his entire career to one industry, but also to one company is a rare treasure. Denny has dedicated a lifetime to the construction industry and is still a strong leader and mentor to AP employees. On July 5, 2018, Denny celebrated his 53rd anniversary with AP. Although he is mostly retired, he finds himself travelling to AP jobsites to encourage workers and check-in on the active sites. You will find him saying “Those Superintendents need a cheerleader – someone to remind them that the job will always get done”.

He is a mentor to everyone in the industry, not just to AP employees. Understanding the challenges a busy jobsite has, he leads by constantly spreading encouragement, knowing the job will always get completed. Numerous employees and industry personnel have grown from his wisdom, as Denny wants each individual to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Our people are the backbone of this large and growing company, and Denny reflects what every employee could be.  Even though Denny is retired, we look forward to celebrating his 54th anniversary here at AP next year.

Key Projects

In his 53 years at AP, Denny has been a Superintendent on over 30 major projects, including the new $27M Kaiser Permanente Rock Creek Multi-Specialty Medical Campus project, which under his authority was completed two months ahead of schedule and more than two million dollars under budget.  His toughest job was a massive renovation to the 80-acre Cherry Creek High School, where AP worked on building additions and renovating 50% of the campus over 2 ½ years. Known for always completing his projects early and without any safety infractions, all of his projects reflect his strong tenacity and dedication to the construction industry.

Casey Mitschke

Casey Mitschke

History with AP

Once joining AP as a full-time employee after graduation, Casey started her career in the estimating department learning the fundamentals and from there, she began to assist with more preconstruction intensive projects. Throughout the shift in responsibilities, Granger Hassmann, Vice President of Preconstruction and Estimating, unknowingly became her mentor.

“That has been one of the best things for my development. Each project I was exposed to, I took on more tasks and responsibilities while gaining an understanding of the process and how AP communicates with their clients. Having a mentor that will take the time to train you and explain how the pieces come together has been the best thing anyone could ask for in the early stages of your career.”

Casey has performed on some of the largest, most important projects AP has constructed including Raytheon Regional Headquarters at Cityline, TD Ameritrade’s Southlake Campus, WatchGuard Video headquarters, NBC Universal Studios and over $123M in K-12 work.

Why AP

Casey knew at her first career fair that AP was a good fit for her. The AP staff was welcoming and made her feel right at home. Casey knows that knowledge and experience comes with time, and the leadership at AP, and training they offer provides the groundwork for employees to be successful.

“I like that we are a close-knit group and that we can celebrate professional and personal success together. We have a lot of hard working people, but we have fun working towards our goals.”

Janelle Shroyer

Janelle Shroyer

The Sky’s the Limit

Janelle started her career at AP as the Front Office Manager in Arizona. As she was working on her goals for the new year, she expressed interest in assisting the marketing department whenever allowed to learn more of its role in telling AP’s story. When a marketing assistant position opened, the team instantly thought of Janelle to fill the role.

“Just the idea that we could forget all of the perceived industry rules and requirements and hire her as a person—freed us to advance a hardworking, dedicated individual from within our own organization,” said Laura Shivers, Director of Marketing.

Within a year Janelle learned design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and was promoted to Marketing Coordinator.

Proudest Moment

The culture we have at AP is unlike any other place I’ve worked. The professionalism along with the down-to-earth personalities is what makes working at AP easy and fun. My most proud moment is being offered a position in the marketing department. When I was presented with the opportunity I remember telling my manager, Laura Shivers, “I’ve never been claimed in a specific department at a company.”

With no prior marketing experience, I am grateful for a group of leaders who have introduced me to a passion I didn’t know I had inside, getting me out of my comfort zone and paving the way to an exciting professional future.

Katrina Smith

Katrina Smith

Long Term Career

Katrina Smith has a very busy schedule. Not only is she working full-time at AP as an intern, Katrina is also a full-time student, currently enrolled in the Construction Project Management program at Dunwoody College of Technology. When Katrina began her initial job search, she wanted to start her career at a company that she could see herself staying at long-term. Katrina has been an intern at AP for approximately 6 months and noted that AP’s culture speaks volumes. Throughout her internship, she has felt supported by her colleagues and feels that she has a bright future here at AP. When Katrina obtains her bachelor’s degree, she hopes to continue her career here at AP and transition from intern to a full-time project manager.

How did you first learn about AP?

While completing coursework for her Associate of Arts degree, Katrina met with a career specialist at Dunwoody College of Technology, who directed her to search LinkedIn to research potential companies for internship opportunities.  That’s when Katrina found AP. After researching the company, she decided to pursue an internship at AP because it felt like a good fit. She applied, interviewed and accepted a position as an intern based out of the Midwest office. Through her internship, Katrina has gained hands on experience, learned various aspects of commercial construction, project management and values the opportunities she has had to learn and grow professionally.

Favorite Project

Katrina’s favorite project also happens to be the first project she worked on; Target Field Station. She was an apprentice carpenter on this project and had an opportunity to meet Keith Ellison (who at the time was representing Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives and is now Minnesota’s Attorney General). During the project, Katrina was interviewed by WCCO and Fox 9 news. Katrina noted it was a bit overwhelming when people recognized her after the interview aired, but overall, it was a memorable experience and a cool project.