Employee Spotlights

Courtney Lane

Courtney Lane was first introduced to AP while working with a glazing subcontractor, as AP was one of their most sought-after clients at the time. She says that her time with AP has been the best 2-years of her (short) career, thanks to the relationships built with team members, as well as trade partners and clients. “I look forward to each day, despite whatever challenges may arise, because I know at the end of the day everybody involved shares a goal of making our projects successful,” says Courtney.

When asked what she likes most about AP, she states “Aside from our people, AP’s long-running history of success has led to the company being recognized as reputable and firmly established in a wide variety of markets, while working to emerge in others that are up and coming. In an ever-evolving industry, I’ve found myself here at the right time and am proud to represent AP and be a part of some exciting changes that are really building a future to look forward to, in which we will continue to contribute to the communities we serve.”

Advice Courtney has for new hires, “take advantage of and be present for our in-person training/meetings, and employee engagement and volunteer opportunities. Working in the field has the potential to limit your day-to-day interactions with your direct project team until the project’s completion. Getting involved has allowed me to get to know our company and culture aside from whatever project team I may be working with and really feel like a part of the AP Family.”

Courtney was recently promoted to Assistant Project Manager after the successful project completion of the Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital (RRH) project in Arlington, Texas. “At the Grand Opening celebration, Bob Lemke, VP of Operations, specifically gave a shout-out to me, Candy Miller, and David Widemon on the project team. To receive that recognition not only from AP but also in the presence of the partners who made the project a success, and the RRH staff that are now working in the facility to change the lives of their patients, made me incredibly proud to have been a small part of the building – my first large project to complete in a general contractor capacity.”

What Courtney is looking forward to most in the advancement of her career is to help others who are just starting out, like the encouragement and support she has received. She is also excited about opportunities to work on other unique projects that will help diversify her portfolio. She plans to continue taking advantage of AP’s training to further her education in the hopes of establishing herself as an emerging industry professional.

Phil Buhay

Phil Buhay

For over 18 years, Phil Buhay has been dedicated to AP. “I can’t count how many jobs I have been on with AP, but I know I’ve never wanted to be anywhere else,” Phil said. Starting as a carpenter, Phil has worked his way through the ranks from lead carpenter to general foreman. He goes where the project needs him; Phil enjoys the differences in every job and how that shapes his responsibilities accordingly. One job he could be out working alongside the tradespeople he oversees, and the next he takes a supervisory role. The challenges and differences help keep him focused and dedicated to his craft.

When asked why he has stayed in the construction industry for over 30 years, without hesitation he said, “I just love what I do, I love getting up in the morning and going to work – always have.” Being a part of something from the foundation up is a great feeling for Phil. Knowing that when he drives by a project he was a part of, he can be proud of the work he and AP put into it, is a great feeling.

Phil accredits where he is today with the mentorship provided by those who came before him, and the trainings AP offers. Working alongside foremen with a longer tenure, who are willing to share their knowledge and offer hands-on support has been one of the best ways for Phil to develop his skills. “You have to be willing to make mistakes” Phil shared, “make the mistake, learn from it, and then move on.”

Over the last 18 years, Phil has had the opportunity to progress from mentee to mentor, which is a title he does not take lightly. His approach is diverse, he knows that not everyone will learn the same and tries to get to know the tradespeople he mentors to better understand how he can help them grow. “Everyone learns differently, hands-on or on paper – sometimes I have to adapt to how I can help them best.” Phil shared that he enjoys allowing those he mentors to take on larger tasks, by giving these individuals the opportunity to take on larger portions of work so they get out of their comfort zone and that is where real learning happens.

“AP has treated me with respect, allowed me to grow, and most importantly kept me working for over 18 years, and for those reasons I will always be loyal,” Phil shared.

Anthony Durst

Throughout his first few years at AP, Anthony took on many challenges including helping open the new Cheyenne, WY office in 2009. In his current role as director of preconstruction, Anthony leads pursuits for some of the largest Mountain States projects AP is awarded and guides the preconstruction team in providing accurate cost estimates on these projects.

He has taken a direct interest in the success of his county’s school systems, serving as President of the Weld RE-5J Foundation for four years and as Chairman of the Weld RE-5J CTE Advisory Board for two years. This work involves raising funds for students and staff while establishing scholarships for promising young students who need them the most.

Anthony is a recognized ENR Mountain States 2024 Top Young Professional.

Caleb Frost

Caleb Frost is a project manager in our Southwest region. He started his career journey at AP in 2021, bringing his extensive healthcare tenant improvement background to our new-build construction projects. What initially drew Caleb to AP was the company’s solid reputation in healthcare construction. After his first field assignment, he knew AP was a company where he could contribute his talents and grow his career.

Among the many projects Caleb has worked on at AP, one stands out as his favorite: Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria (RRH Peoria). This project presented a unique blend of challenges and rewards, offering him an incredibly enriching experience.

For those considering a career with AP, Caleb imparts the following advice: “The construction industry is demanding, but at AP, the support for personal growth is unparalleled. Never underestimate the significance of being part of a company that is genuinely invested in your professional development.”

As he looks ahead, Caleb envisions AP’s Southwest region continuing to excel as a market leader. Beyond mere financial success, the company will maintain its commitment to fostering a robust corporate culture, ensuring its enduring strength and vitality.