Employee Spotlights

Mariah Taylor

When starting her professional career, working in construction was the furthest thing from Mariah’s mind. She graduated with a degree in English Literature, minoring in Fine Art. She began her career as a freelance writer, covering arts and music in Denver for local newspapers like Westword and the Denver Post.

Learning through story-telling

As the journalism industry dwindled, she joined AP as a Marketing Assistant, using her writing skills to assist on proposals. Soon, she realized she was drawn to video production and motion graphics and was given the company’s first ever position of Marketing Communications Coordinator. In this role, Mariah uses her writing skills to tell AP’s stories in the form of press releases, social media posts, email campaigns and video testimonials.

“I realized that what I loved about journalism was the story-telling aspect, and that I could accomplish that with the video projects I was doing for AP,” she says. “I actually really loved the AP story – the way the company supports its workers, the way it gives back to the communities it builds in. I’ve always enjoyed finding creative ways of sharing these stories with the public.”

Finding the narrative

Her favorite part of the job is when she sees a great narrative come through in her work.

“When I can successfully pull a story out – be it on camera or in an Instagram post – of how proud a carpenter is of his school project or how excited a superintendent is to share a rec center with the community, it makes me proud to be a part of AP.”

Videography leaves endless room for improvement. Mariah’s goals for her position include polishing her video skills and finding new and creative ways to share the AP story.

“My advice for someone pursuing a career at AP would be to find something that you’re passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly,” she says. “Prove that it will bring value to the company, and you’ll be given any tool you need to succeed.”

Natasha Hopkins

Staff Accountant Natasha Hopkins

Natasha Hopkins began working full-time right out of high school, longing for a company that believed in her abilities as a professional. She starting working for AP in 2015 and transitioned responsibilities and departments to eventually land on the accounting team.


Natasha believes in a collaborative approach with all AP departments. Throughout the organizational changes on the accounting team during her tenure, she has been able to step up, provide coverage and assist with workload by offering assistance whenever needed. “AP has provided a number of training opportunities that have strengthened my confidence and abilities to provide exceptional leadership in my department and to my teammates within Operations. They are truly a family that looks out for their employees. Even through tough times and hard conversations we work together to resolve any issues.”

New Role

Natasha was an obvious candidate recently for a promotion to staff accountant. Her new position allows her to take on a larger management role within the accounting department, now responsible for all aspects of accounting including job cost and revenue processing, tracking and review. Natasha now ensures financial operations of the region are compliant with company expectations, and partners with the regional operations team by providing financial audits, project forecasting and analyses. “AP helps guide you in the right direction for your career, and truly wants the best for you in every outcome. They have encouraged me to enroll in college and I am now working towards my degree.”

Ross Giebel

Assistant Project Manager, Inside AP, #InsideAP

Finding His Inspiration

Ross started his career as a carpenter which he did for 12 years. “It was love the first time I picked up a hammer,” said Ross.  Slowly realizing his body was taking a beating he made the difficult decision to change careers. Ross moved into sales, it paid the bills, but it wasn’t his passion and he realized he needed a change. One day on his drive home Ross saw a tower crane in the distance, it was that moment when he realized it was time to go back to school, return to his roots and get a construction management degree.

Experience of a Lifetime

“The University of Minnesota Main Energy Plant was my first project as an intern and will always be one of the most interesting projects I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I was working for this fantastic company on this one of a kind project plus I was going to school at the University of Minnesota; it felt like it was meant to be. The MEP aspect facinated me, the large equipment, the variety of cranes, everything needed to move and place the specialized equipment in the power plant was unique and provided great opportunities for learning. The number of specialized trades, subcontractors and experts that were involved in making this project successful was just remarkable.  I could not have asked for a better first project; it was an experience of a lifetime.”