Employee Spotlights

Sabian Holmes

Sabian first discovered AP through a family friend in construction management, describing a company with an incredible culture that prides themselves on the quality of their work and relationships with their clients. The camaraderie he noticed when he joined the organization was incomparable to any company he had ever experienced before. He also appreciates the fact that AP has managed to prioritize and maintain this team spirit, notwithstanding the enormous amount of growth they have encountered.

“The family-like atmosphere is single-handedly the most enjoyable part about working with AP,” says Sabian. “Joining AP in 2017, I was fresh out of college with little to no real-life experience in the field I had studied for four years. Since then, I have had first-hand experiences that cannot be replicated in a classroom. AP plays a major role in my development from resources they provide including extensive training, informative guest speakers and the leadership displayed by upper management.” Sabian began his career at AP as a project engineer and is quickly moving his way up, now serving as an assistant project manager. He appreciates the growth possibilities along with the relationships and networking that AP commonly encourages. AP has helped Sabian apply professionalism in some of the most high-pressured environments. One of his favorite projects has been the work performed on Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX. This project is extremely complex with very difficult site conditions. He believes it will be a great addition to AP’s portfolio.

Over the next 10 years, Sabian would like to be able to work on a project that wins a national award. He would love to see AP recognized on a national level for the hard work team members exhibit daily. He appreciates that his hard work does not go unnoticed and his advice to incoming, non-tenured candidates is to not be afraid to challenge yourself and take on tasks that are “out of the norm”. The only way to learn and grow is to continue challenging yourself…every single day.

Moses Sorensen

Moses began his career at AP in the Preconstruction Department as an Assistant Estimator. From there, with a desire to gain a more holistic view of the construction industry, he moved into the field as a Project/Field Engineer (PE/FE). His primary task as a PE/FE is to ensure AP is a safe place to work. He does this by applying safety protocols and establishing safety as his number one priority in his daily code of conduct.

He first learned about AP when he was still a student at Front Range Community College. After meeting AP employees at a career fair, he was given a sense of the AP culture. “I distinctly remember learning what AP had done during the last recession to keep their employees at work, sometimes performing jobs at little to no profit to keep them working,” says Moses. “It gave me a good sense of what AP values.”

His favorite part of the job is learning new things. “This happens every day at AP,” says Moses. “The people that surround me have some of the greatest experience and wealth of knowledge in the industry.”

Currently, his career goals entail becoming a subject matter expert in his field, whether in his current role as PE/FE, or as an Estimator. He looks to gain an understanding of construction that allows him to comfortably take on estimates with the highest level of profitability. “I come to work every day to fuel the desire to be a subject matter expert in my field, knowing full well that it takes time and practice,” says Moses. “I tend to think of final bid days like the Championships and everyday leading up to it are practice, games, then playoffs.”

His advice for someone pursuing a career at AP is to take advantage of the opportunities to achieve your goals and progress forward with your skills and learning. “Understand that this place is not for the faint of heart,” he says. “However, when you arrive here you are a part of the AP family, and they will go above and beyond what most companies are willing to do to ensure you are successful.”

Katie Milton

For 23 years, Katie Milton has found a way to advance her career and achieve a work-life balance that exemplifies the “family first” culture George Adolfson and his successors have promoted since 1946.

Katie began her AP journey in 1997 as a Receptionist/Office Manager. In 2000, Katie was encouraged to become a Project Administrator and spent the next three years working on site.  “The bond with project teams, superintendents and field staff are what make my job fun. We are a team, and we know that we have each other’s back” said Katie.

Katie continued to grow in her position and became the Regional Process Manager in 2015. She ensures business applications are set up properly for new projects, manages user roles within those systems, guarantees compliance with AP policies and procedures as they relate to contracts and has been instrumental in the implementation of CMaP (construction management and processes) protocols.

Katie continues to have the greatest respect for the Adolfson family and the culture they created. After the birth of Katie’s first child, AP created flexibility in her position which allowed more time for her growing family. The sincerity of the AP culture is why Katie has thrived and embraces her role at AP. As Katie stated, “when we hear people are what make this company, we absolutely know it’s true.”