Employees strengthen ties to the community through service programs and donations to charitable organizations

Minneapolis, Minn. – (Aug 29, 2022) – Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP), a leading national construction management and contracting company, today announced the second annual company-wide “Day of Giving” program in which team members will give back to their local communities in the month of September. Employees will receive paid time off to spend a portion of their workday donating their time, talents and treasure to local organizations in the communities where they live and work.

“Our inaugural Day of Service was extremely successful in strengthening ties to the community through service programs and donations to local organizations,” said Jeff Hansen, CEO. “Due to our great success and the enthusiastic participation of our team members, we are pleased to announce the continuation of the program this year in the month of September.”

AP has historically provided donations and service in the communities it operates, supporting at-risk children and adults, military veterans, disaster relief and rebuilding, local food banks, hospitals and health organizations, schools, and other nonprofits and charitable foundations. The Day of Giving builds on those relationships and provides a focused effort to give back in a meaningful way.

Last year, more than more than 700 AP employees and family members spent more than 3,000 hours volunteering and raising more than $70K for organizations and causes in their local communities. Team members were allowed paid time off to participate in events and activities.

“We’re proud of our success and the impact we have had in the communities we serve,” said Hansen. “The Day of Giving provides a focused way for our people to come together and make a difference for those need it.”

In the past, AP’s regional offices selected a variety of local charities and causes that have special meaning for their employees. They have organized fundraisers and blood drives, collected and donated food and clothing, provided supplies to local schools, participated in park clean-ups and many other activities.

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