Construction News Article: A Look into 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, what can the construction industry expect for 2021? “As far as COVID is concerned, COVID mandates are likely to remain in effect, perhaps even with the advent a vaccine,” says Brandon Gaeke, Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) Regional Manager Central Texas.

“Having said that, we at AP think Texas will probably fair better than other regions of the country in regard to construction. It seems that when recessions or slowdowns occur, Texas is the last affected and the first out. Right now, there is good public sector work in both the municipal and K-12 markets all over the state of Texas and will remain strong going into next year. On the private sector, hospitality is going to take a hit. Who is going to build a hotel when they are 10-15 percent occupied, which they currently have? However, once the commercial office markets figure out how to deal with social distancing and decide if they going to get away from cubes to closed door offices, go to having a reduced workforce, and have people going to and coming back to the office on a regular basis, I think we will see those markets start to open up. I also think that we will see companies moving into Texas from other locations for a bit more friendly corporate environment and that will serve to keep those markets a bit stronger than they would be necessarily in other parts of the country. We think that Arizona, Colorado and Texas are three places that will remain strong throughout 2021.”

As for Adolfson & Peterson, the company would like to continue their current market pursuits of K-12, higher education, medical and commercial office projects.

Adolfson & Peterson Construction was founded in 1946 by George Adolfson and Gordon Peterson. From its humble beginnings, the company has expanded into several regions including their Southwest region which focuses on Arizona; its Mountain states region focusing on Colorado and Wyoming; their Mid-west region which operates in the Minnesota and Wyoming areas; and Texas, their Gulf states region. -cmw

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