Flag-Raising Celebration Marks MNSHARP Construction Milestone at Carlton County Justice Center

AP celebrated the Carlton County Justice Center project, receiving the Minnesota Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program award. MNSHARP raised a flag to honor and celebrate the dedication of the AP project team towards the daily goal of being incident and injury-free. MNSHARP awards major construction companies for going beyond OSHA standards to help prevent job-related injuries. MNSHARP partners with OHSA for projects that last at least one year with no more than 250 employees at a single work site. The MNSHARP program requires AP to conduct routine full-service and comprehensive site visits with correction of all hazards identified by the consultant. AP also must have and maintain a Safety and Health Management system that addresses and meets the expectations of several OSHA guidelines.

The program also ensures that AP notifies the consultant of any changes in work conditions or processes that might introduce new workplace hazards.

AP’s incident and injury (IIF) safety culture are at the forefront of every project. AP safety culture works diligently through leadership along with individual and collective responsibility to prioritize an environment where incidents and injuries are unacceptable. AP safety centers on a high level of care and concern for our employees, subcontractors, and project partners. All AP employees are committed to being personally responsible for keeping our workplace safe. AP is consistently ranked as a Top 100 Contractor by Engineering News Record (ENR).

Carlton County Justice Center will house approximately 85 inmates and aims to create more humane settings focusing on inmate rehabilitation and recovery to reduce recidivism. The justice center includes courtrooms and the offices for the sheriff’s department, county attorney, and probation. Public services have a 911 dispatch center, Guardian Ad Litem, and the Justice Involved Females unit. Glenn Peterson, Safety Manager at AP, shares “Carlton County Justice Center is now the 7th project that has received the MNSHARP award; this is a big accomplishment for AP Midwest.” For more than 75 years, AP has built trust, communities, and people—while delivering an exceptional product and client experience.­­

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