Going the Extra Mile, Safely

Minneapolis, MN (November 5, 2020) – Congratulations to Bolander for being recognized as Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) Midwest’s Subcontractor Safety Award Q3 winner for their safety efforts on the Minneapolis Bus Garage project. From the start of the project, the Bolander team has exemplified the priority of safety—from not only complying with all of AP’s safety requirements, but going above and beyond expectations.

AP started the Subcontractor Safety Award in 2016 as a way of showing appreciation to trade partners that go the extra mile to work safely. Each quarter, project management teams are asked to submit nominations from their projects for subcontractors who have gone above and beyond. For each nominee, project teams must evaluate and provide documentation showing they met the following baseline expectations:

  • Basic safety guidelines have been followed at all times.
  • Pre-task Planning and Safety Meetings are done with quality and at required frequencies.
  • No recordable injuries due to a work-related accident or illness on the project.
  • No OSHA citations, whether given by consultation or enforcement on the project.
  • Subcontractor must have conducted at least two safety audits of the project during the quarter and submitted them to AP.  This can be done by their safety director, project manager or foreman.
  • Must have met or made “Good Faith Efforts” to meet the EEO/TGB goals that have been set on the project.
  • Near misses are reported when necessary.

AP’s Incident and Injury Free (IIF) culture focuses on creating an atmosphere of care and concern for others, especially on the jobsite. “Bolander not only met the criteria for the award, but they have exceeded safety expectations. Thank you to Bolander for their dedication to safety and their role in helping create a safe jobsite for everyone,” stated Jared Anderson, AP Midwest Regional Safety Director. AP presented the Bolander team with safety shirts to recognize them for their safety efforts and accomplishments. The Minneapolis Bus Garage project recently celebrated 100 days without a lost time incident.

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