Casper College Student Union-University of Wyoming / CC Center

Casper College needed to create a bright, open and inviting new “front door” to their campus housing a new, more efficient and student-friendly Student Union, and satellite facilities for the University of Wyoming to support students locally. The project scope encompassed design and construction of a new four-story, 98,533-sf building. Today the project provides an integrated facility that serve as the primary hub of student activities and student life. The facility includes a 372-seat dining hall and server; campus bookstore; café and wireless internet hotspot; student wellness facility with counseling, lab facility and exam rooms; student lounge and recreation areas; classrooms, computer labs, video conferencing facilities and administrative spaces; student life, conference rooms, student assembly, student government; and open- and private-study areas. The new facility also includes many sustainable features and energy efficient design strategies including: building location and community connectivity, building orientation, daylighting, low VOC products, local and recycled materials, water saving features including low-flow restroom fixtures, high-efficiency HVAC units, improved building envelope design and low mercury lighting.

Casper College

Higher Education

DLR Group

Casper, WY

98,533 sf

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