Cirrus Logic Tenant Improvement

AP recently completed the Cirrus Logic office interior project. This tenant improvement includes 30 private offices, a robust sound lab, open offices, a game room, and conference rooms with high-end finishes including waterfall quartz countertops, all glass corridors, Stikwood wall treatments, and unique ceiling baffles throughout.

One of the challenges for the construction team was the fast-track schedule as well as building the sound labs with very stringent requirements inside of an existing shell space with existing conditions to work around. Many of these existing conditions such as the structural steel could not be modified. The teams’ dedication and hard work paid off and AP managed to receive substantial completion almost three weeks early!

Jones Lange LaSalle



Mesa, AZ

14,000 sf

“A big thank you to AP for their eagerness and responsiveness to resolve this issue, whatever it takes. It is really fantastic working with a builder with this level of commitment!” – Seth Suppappola, Cirrus Logic

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