City of Tempe Transportation Center

Lead Certified

The Tempe Transportation Center is a true, multi-model facility that integrates light rail, city buses, bicyclists and pedestrians with a mixed-use building that includes retail, a bike station, a transit store, City of Tempe transportation offices, a community room, a transit operations center and leasable office space. The project is LEED Platinum certified and is designed to communicate its variety of sustainable strategies to the various people who use the facility. The 40,000-sf facility sits on a site that was once a paved surface parking lot at the base of Hayden Butte-a local, historically significant, publicly accessed, natural geological formation.

City of Tempe



Tempe, AZ

40,344 sf


The City of Tempe; to maximize and lead the way for “Green Buildings” elected to have a “living roof” installed as part of the project. The roof utilizes native desert plants with twelve inches of planting soil that both cuts energy costs due to added insulation and reduces “heat island” effects for the community. Other LEED strategies utilized on the project include: gray water treatment, low-flow fixtures, photovoltaic solar collection, recycled acoustical ceiling tiles and wheat grass millwork. Many of the exterior materials were selected to enhance the building’s efficiency; such as the fluted masonry that both provided shading and heat deflection from the building, the metal paneling system that also reflects the heat, the colored insulated glazing system that insulates the building while also allowing natural light to come in reducing the amount of energy used for lighting. The building has a central plant HVAC system with underfloor ducting on the second and third floors. This is one of the most efficient systems to cool and heat a building while providing individual comfort to the occupants.

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