Naaman Forest High School

The Naaman Forest High School project includes a 9,000-sf new band hall addition, renovations to the school’s existing choir room, bathrooms, locker rooms and showers, plus the installation of new flooring throughout the entire school including nearly 160,000 sf of VCT. Upgrades were made to all HVAC equipment (originally installed in the 1980s) to a more technologically advanced system by replacing the AHUs, VAVs, BMS system, and the old cast iron boilers. A new secure vestibule was built at the school’s entrance to increase security, which also included two new offices and an administrative lobby. Additionally, all doors and hardware were replaced on nearly 800 doorways throughout the school, and new millwork was provided to replace administrative office cabinetry.

Garland ISD

K-12 Education


Garland, TX

250,000 sf

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