Wiggins 4-6 Building

Wiggins School District wanted to improve the existing campuses so that students could be part of school activities in a unified environment. The building for 4th through 6th grades features a gymnasium, an airy cafeteria, and STEM/art room. The large spaces are an opportunity to bring the ever-growing community together. The new building incorporates multiple learning opportunities including small group and collaborative learning spaces. As part of this project, RTU units were replaced, and the fire protection system was upgraded throughout the existing school. Another small addition was also added for the preschool. Since the new building now offers an art space, the old space was renovated to provide a home economics room and small engine shop to enhance learning opportunities.

Wiggins School District RE-50J

K-12 Education

Hord Coplan Macht

Wiggins, CO

46,231 sf

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