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Prequal Process

The Subcontractor Maintenance Online Qualification is an integral part of our risk management program and a prerequisite for working with Adolfson & Peterson Construction. The goal of the process is to assemble qualified teams to deliver successful projects. Please complete the free, on-line subcontractor questionnaire to help us better understand your operational capabilities, safety record, and liquidity. With the information provided, we establish an aggregate contractual threshold limit and update our estimating database for consideration on future projects. Adolfson & Peterson Construction uses an online platform to increase the efficiency of the renewal qualification process.

The electronic submission will require the following:

  • Completed Subcontractor Maintenance Information Worksheet Form
  • General Company Information
  • Key Employees and Company Affiliations
  • Financial
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • References
  • Safety
  • Attachments Including:
    • Current OSHA 300 Log
    • Financial Statements
    • Surety Reference Letter
    • Sample Insurance Certificate
    • Form W-9

Please access the electronic portal via the link below

Link to AP Portal for Prequalification

Please note that the portal must be accessed using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your internet browsers. Other internet browsers will not support the information

Adolfson & Peterson Construction:
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Payment Management

Adolfson & Peterson Construction recognizes that cash flow is a key component for successful subcontractor performance and has implemented an internet-based payment system to enhance subcontractor payments. The system utilized is Textura and benefits to subcontractors include:

Facilitating the electronic submission and approval of invoices

Automating and streamlining the payment and “lien waiver release” process through the use of electronic payments and simultaneous real time production of the matching electronic lien waivers.

For projects currently using the Textura payment system click here.

What Does It Cost to Use Textura-CPM?
  • 0.22% of contract value
  • Maximum – $3,750
  • Sub-tier subcontractors – $100
  • Payment Methods
    • ACH (default) or Credit Card

Not sure if your project is set up for our Textura payment system? Please email your questions to

Sample Subcontract

Adolfson & Peterson Construction’s sample subcontract can be accessed via the below link.