AP Constructs State-of-the-Art Legacy Center and Headquarters for Southwest Transplant Alliance in Dallas

AP completed its contract for the construction of Southwest Transplant Alliance’s (STA) organ and tissue recovery center, the first of its kind for Texas and the entire southern United States. The innovative space features state-of-the-art technology and advancements in support of STA’s unique needs.

“With 112,000 individuals nationwide awaiting organ transplants, this facility will enable STA to save more lives, all while providing donors and their families with compassion-centered care, comfort and tribute,” said Bob Lemke, Vice President of Operations, AP. “It is an honor to work alongside STA for this incredible project in support of countless individuals who will benefit from the facility.”

In partnership with program manager, Cushman & Wakefield, and Corgan, the project’s architectural designer, the recovery center is a nearly 80,000-sf medical and corporate building, including a parking garage around a landscaped Memorial Garden. Further features include STA’s Legacy Center, a private entrance and garage for ambulances, donor care units, surgical suites, locker rooms, nursing stations, an organ perfusion lab, tissue processing labs, and storage space for all necessary medical supplies.

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