Boulder Valley School District Mapleton School Historic Renovations

This project repurposed a 124-year-old school structure as an early childhood center (ECC), providing the District with much needed preschool space. After a complete 17,700-sf interior rehabilitation, including abatement, structural improvements, mechanical upgrades, ADA upgrades, technology upgrades and cosmetic improvements, Mapleton now provides preschool classroom and teacher office space on two floors of the historic building in an enriched learning environment surrounded by stunning views of the Flatirons. Mapleton is designed to support up to 128 students, bringing the District’s overall preschool program capacity to around 1,000 students.

Boulder Valley School District


Alan Ford Architects, PC

Boulder, CO

17,700 sf

Building Design + Construction, Reconstruction Award - Gold Level

ABC Rocky Mountain, Excellence in Construction - Historical Restoration/Renovation

ENR Mountain States, Best Project Awards, Best Renovation/Restoration

Boulder Valley School District Mapleton School Historic Renovations Stairway

The construction team had to be open and creative in finding solutions to challenges by thinking outside the mindset of modern construction principles. The project team met the challenge of this unique renovation on a building that didn’t have any as-built drawings, had incorporated over 120 years of antiquated construction methods and materials, and was effected by natural settling and deterioration. Evidence that the construction team excelled in terms of quality and craftsmanship is understood by seeing the seamless integration of the finished facility. The disjointed additions to the building are no longer seen, but rather the entire building reflects the original 1888 design. The new building met the functional needs of rehabbing an abandoned space into a purposeful school with advanced standards and technology, while still maintaining its original historical appearance and antique nostalgia.

“The AP team certainly proved themselves on this project and continually rose to the challenges presented. In the end, despite the numerous challenges posed by the project’s many disparate elements, AP helped Boulder Valley School District rejuvenate a historic community touchstone and ensure Mapleton School’s future into the next century.”

Steve Schumacher, Project Manager,
Boulder Valley School District

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