Why Adolfson & Peterson Construction

So, why partner with Adolfson & Peterson Construction? The answer to that lies in our vision.

We exist to build a better tomorrow —  enhancing communities for future generations and fostering trust through the delivery of an exceptional building experience.

These words guide each and every project we undertake, and they form the foundation for our approach. Not content with the status quo, at AP we go beyond delivering technically sound facilities on time and within budget to bring added value to the process in which your vision becomes reality.

At AP we work smarter. We look for ways to do more with less. We stretch ourselves to offer creative solutions to the challenges faced in our industry day-to-day. From inventive preconstruction services that set the right course for your project to the application of the latest construction technology at the job site, we foster a culture that rewards innovation. We empower all of our team members to think outside the box to make our clients' lives easier. 



Understanding the unique needs for your project is the key to a successful process. That’s why our team members are experts in more than construction. AP's proven partnering process drives success by establishing an atmosphere of collaboration from the earliest stages of a project. Our team members work with you to fully understand your business, not just your buildings. Our aim is to become a trusted advisor that truly understands what you do. Having this understanding allows us to ask the right questions and help you make the correct decisions for your continuing success.


For AP, delivering a building within budget and on schedule is a given on each and every project we undertake. But we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Providing innovative solutions to deliver your wants, and not just your needs is our measurement of success. We truly strive to outperform in everything we do and we’ve never failed to deliver on a promise. We’re not just another good contractor. We're your partner in success, bringing added value at every stage of the building process.