Broomfield Breaks Ground On Community Center Reconstruction Project


Broomfield, Colo. (October 9, 2018) –  On Friday, Sept. 28, Adolfson and Peterson Construction (AP), joined by partners from the City and County of Broomfield and Davis Partnership Architects, broke ground on the new Broomfield Community Center Reconstruction project.

Slated to open in August 2020, the Broomfield Community Center Reconstructions project involves a complex phased construction effort to build a completely new expanded facility. To keep a majority of the facility programming functional during construction, the senior center wing of the city’s existing community center will be converted to a stand-alone facility and the rest of the facility will be demoed to provide space for the new facility. The new Broomfield Community Center will be a 2-story, 93-124 sf facility with two pools and recreational amenities. Upon completion and occupancy of the new facility, the final phase will demolish the remaining stand-alone senior center wing building to completing the remaining parking lot and site work.  

“We wanted to make sure we keep moving things to the future by growing and expanding to offer the best,” said City and County of Broomfield’s Mayor Randy Ahrens at the ceremony. “It is for everybody in the community and I am so excited to see this.”

To celebrate the occasion, the construction team provided community members with bricks from the old structure to take with them as a memento. This tradition of Broomfield’s represents keeping hold of a piece of history while moving forward. Before the recreation portion of the structure was taken down, community members wrote inspirational quotes and goodbye messages on the walls. Some of the quotes remain on the wall which connected the senior wing to the recreation portion of the Community Center.