Chadron State College Math and Science Building

The Math and Science Building on the CSC Campus was renovated in a series of phases to allow the existing programs to be held in the building while the facility and its infrastructure was updated and expanded. The renovation incorporated state-of-the-art active learning technology and sustainable design principles, as well as renovated the laboratories and classrooms to be as flexible as possible to adapt to changing trends in education delivery.

The first phase of construction added approximately 27,200 GSF to the north side of the building which contains new chemistry laboratories, lecture halls and a utility core of new HVAC and electrical services. Once this phase was completed, the easternmost wing of the existing building was vacated and renovated, extending the new HVAC and utility services to the wing. The final phase of renovation was renovating the western wing of the existing building. The new north wing now connects with the main central campus walkway. The new southern entrance was also provided to allow visitors and public an accessible and convenient route to the facility.

Chadron State College

Higher Education

BVH Architecture

Chadron, NE

84,292 sf

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