South Stockyards & Stockyards Event Center

The National Western Center has a history of agriculture and industry stretching back over the past century. In 2015, the City and County of Denver moved forward with a 900-million dollar masterplan to keep the National Western Stock Show in Denver for the Next 100 years. The South Stockyards and the Stockyards Event Center is one of the first building projects to move forward as part of this masterplan.

This project at the historic National Western Center constructed the southern portion of the new stockyards/multi-use space (approximately 5 acres of the total 20-acre campus) and approximately 39,000 sq. ft. of new facilities. The new Stockyards function as an 800-cattle pen stockyard during the annual National Western Stock Show and as a unique, multi-use outdoor event space and destination location the remainder of the year.

The Stockyards Event Center is comprised of two arenas, the Stockyard Show Arena and the Stockyard Auction Arena:

  • The Stockyards Show Arena is a 24,025-gsf facility with 1,000 bleacher seats used for livestock shows and sales during the NWSS and is the support building for year-round events in the Stockyards.
  • The Stockyard Auction Arena is a 650 fixed-seat, 15,000-gsf terraced seating arena used for livestock sales, classroom space, and possible performing arts events.

City and County of Denver


HKS Architects

Denver, CO

47,920 sf

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