All Adolfson & Peterson Construction Employees to Participate in Safety Week 2018


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP), one of the nation’s leading general contractors, will be joining more than 80 construction firms across the U.S. and Canada for Safety Week held May 7-11.

Safety Week is an annual industry-wide initiative organized by construction firms representing the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) CEO Forum.  These companies will join forces with one purpose: to inspire everyone in the industry to be leaders in safety. Statistics show that each year, more than 80,000 workers are injured on construction sites across the U.S.

Safety Week 2018 has been given the theme, “The Power of Safe Choices.” Emphasizing the need to create safe work environments, workers, employees and leaders must recognize two things - that they must actively make safe choices each and every day, and that those choices have significant impact on their colleagues, company and their family and friends. This year’s campaign brings these two stories together as one: the individual’s role and the collective impact of safety.

“My favorite quote on safety is ‘Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands’ because it emphasizes the personal leadership one must assume to achieve an incident and injury free culture,” said Jeff Hansen, CEO of AP.  “Our people and our culture is what distinguishes us from other firms. They are the most valuable asset our customers and stakeholders see on a daily basis, but never appear on our balance sheet. Safety is the key protecting our people and preserving the AP brand.”

The collective mission of Safety Week 2018 is to partner together in: thanking workers for supporting safety and recognizing efforts to be injury free; increasing awareness of the importance of being committed to safety every day; inspiring all participants to share best practices and work together in strengthening the industry’s safety culture; celebrating the need to be injury free; and conducting on-site safety awareness activities.

Safety Week activities will take place every day on all AP jobsites coast to coast. Teams will conduct events such as equipment training sessions, crisis management drills and fall protection demonstrations.

“There are thousands of choices that happen on jobsites and in our offices every day that have a profound impact on the people in this industry, and the communities we serve,” said Hansen . “This week is a chance to renew our focus and celebrate the commitment our workers have to keeping each other safe.”


About AP

Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) is a U.S.-based, privately held firm that is consistently ranked among the top 50 construction managers and general contractors in the nation. Founded in 1946, the company has built longstanding commitments to the regions in which it operates and is known nationally for its innovative and collaborative approaches within the building industry. AP serves the education, multifamily, healthcare, commercial, municipal and senior living market segments from its offices in Charlotte, Dallas, Denver, Minneapolis and Phoenix. For more information, visit and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


About Safety Week

Safety Week is sponsored by members of The Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) and the Incident & Injury Free Executive Forum (IIF™). Additional support comes from the Alliance Partners, many of which are non-profit associations. For more information, visit.