Chung Tai Chan Zen Center

The Chung Tai Zen Center is a Buddhist Monastery on the 35-acre parcel located at 6417 South Boulder Road, Boulder, CO 80303. This monastery is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit organization that offers Buddhist teachings to future monks, provide weekly services to the public, as well as a monthly ceremonial service. The Chung Tai Zen Center is a 25,000-sf facility that is comprised of two buildings in a campus-like setting:

• A 20,000-sf Meditation Hall/Education Center and associated support uses

• A 5,000-sf Residential Building with sleeping quarters for 20 retreat participants and 5 resident monks

• Parking Facilities with approximately 100 parking spaces

• Extensive landscaping including multiple trellised walkways

Chung Tai Chan Monastery USA


Sopher Sparn Architects

Boulder, CO

25,000 SF

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