Cowtown Place Garage

The Cowtown Place Garage includes a 312,000 square feet, 9-level, cast-in-place structured (with precast panels) parking garage with 26,000 square feet of “white box” retail space and a 833 car capacity. The aesthetics of the parking garage have been carefully planned to meet the guidelines of the Fort Worth DDRB (Downtown Design Review Board). This project was built at one of the busiest intersections in Fort Worth requiring an extra level of pre-planning regarding staging, deliveries, and the lack of space for hanging the 370 precast panels. To address this challenge, AP had the precast panels poured and formed in Corsicana, TX and then delivered to the project site in Downtown Fort Worth. AP also worked with the city on staggered lane closures for the assembly of the tower crane, as well as the precast panel deliveries throughout the project.



Schwarz Hanson

Fort Worth, TX

312,000 sf

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