CSU Moby GeoExchange

Colorado State University

Higher Education

The Ballard Group

Fort Collins, CO

300,000 sf

2021 ENR Mountain States - Best Project

2021 ENR Mountain States - Excellence in Safety

2021 ENR Mountain States - Excellence in Sustainability

2021 ENR Mountain States - Project of the Year

Colorado State University has a commitment to energy efficiency and savings and is heading in the direction of net zero carbon emissions. In addition, the University has a portion of the campus steam utility that will be going offline in the next few years due to high operations and maintenance costs. As a result, the 300,000-sf Moby Arena was converted from steam heat and air-cooled chillers to a geo-exchange (GeoX) system with central heat pump equipment. The scope of the Moby GeoX project included installation of a wellfield and associated piping, installation of central heat pump equipment and retrofitting some components of the aged HVAC infrastructure inside the building.

The project updated 60-year old infrastructure and converted the campus arena to a geo-exchange system over one summer – the 342 boreholes, 70 total miles of pipes, 8.8-acres of civil work and 1,200-ton system became the largest geofield in Colorado.


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